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Sophie H. Meet The World - International Club
Welcome to Sophie Holmes

"To have another language is to possess a second soul."

- Charlemagne
Teaching business people how to communicate effectively

When it comes to businesses, we can provide a flawless insight to the best communication skills. Making sure communication skills are at the highest level, with perfect grammer and pronunciation, giving you and your business the strength to excel.


"Sophie H. - Meet The World - International Club" is a Nonprofit Association with the aim of promoting cultural, linguistic and artistic exchange between individuals, professionals, private organizations and public institutions in Poland and internationally.

101 Classes

Communication is key.  With our native speakers, you will be able to develop language skills through talking together as well as gaining insight into their different cultures.

You will gain first-class communication skills through friendly interaction, along with other aspects to give you the best education of the English language. 

Study at any level, from  beginner  to expert.
Get Confident and 
Speak with Everyone.

We can prepare any age group from children, teenagers and adults for a variety of exams, ranging from school to business level. 

Daily Schedule
Meet English Native Speakers Now.

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