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Weekend Studies English with Native Speakers only

Do you want to improve your English but have no time during the week? Are you looking for a place to spend a longer amount of time with native English speakers? We are introducing a new intensive English language program specifically designed to meet your individual needs. Taking place on the weekends, this new scheme will allow you to spend 5 hours on either a Saturday or Sunday engaging with native English speakers. Conveniently located just 45km from Warsaw, nestled in the beautiful Polish countryside, what better place to come and improve your English. Whether you need to prepare for an important job interview, need to develop your conversational English in preparation for a trip abroad, or want to enjoy prolonged interactions with native English speakers from all around the world, our program will be individually tailored to you to enable you to achieve and fulfill your personal language goals. Our new intensive English language program is also a perfect fit for busy children who cannot squeeze in English language learning during the week. With an intensive 5 hours on the weekend, either a Saturday or a Sunday, children will be able to learn from native English language speakers through a variety of different activities. From using English in daily situations to improving language skills in advance of a holiday in another country, our new intensive English language weekend program will be tailored to your child’s individual needs and ambitions in collaboration with the expertise of native English speakers. Only 45km outside of Warsaw in a peaceful countryside setting, our location is perfect for children to focus on developing their English language skills.

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