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Our School

Our countryside based family school provides a home like atmosphere and 1 to 1 training from travelers from all around the world. This not only gives a glimpse into their culture, but also a chance to hear and understand various accents. 

Students from all ages and levels join us for 1 to 1 learning from a varity of native speakers. Starting from children, teenagers and adults, everyone is welcome. To give you a glimpse into what you can expect we offer a free first lesson.

Our Students
Our Mission

Our mission is to make a second lanuage accessible to everyone, starting from any age. Helping not only with speaking but with understanding the language, in addition to giving you the experince and advntage of learning with different accents. You will also have the chance to not only learn about different places, you can share about Polish culture and hospitality, all in the beautiful surroundings of the Polish countryside.

Our Teachers

With our teachers from all around the world you will gain an unbelievable experience.  They will prepare and share with you a presentation of their home country or travels.  Our teachers change often so you will always have something new to learn. You will be met with a friendly attitude and learn more than just a language.

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