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We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of any client.

Children just starting: we create a fun and friendly environment to maximize learning. 

Teenagers: tailored lessons to what they like in order to keep interest but always with the goal of pushing progression.

Adults: lessons range to suit client's needs in order to provide the best service; just starting, refreshing old skills, business needs or more advanced levels.

Learn English

Angielski - Native Speakers only

Every day more people are learning a second language.  With English becoming so widely spoken becoming more proficient allows people a chance to communicate in a whole different way; giving children a great start in life, adults new opportunities and providing businesses a step up.


In the field of business it is becoming more and more common that multilingual communication is essential. Being able to share and communicate in English can reap immeasurable benefits for the company as well as giving your office a whole new way to interact and understand each other.

Work on preparation for any exam of any level.  This is an extra benefit that is essential to success and progression while gaining qualifications that boost not only English skills, but open up new prospects, especially on the job market. 

To practice English, reading classical literature gives an appreciation for the depth and richness of the language, as well as the  changes it has made over the  years.   Radio transcripts are also used as reading material to develop real conversational skills, learn new words and gain a full understanding of sentence structure and the composition of the English language as a whole. Original material is used from British Council.

English as a Second Language


Business English
Exam Preparation
English Literature​
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